This Main Course assault in 2014 just keeps on coming and it's getting downright silly. Bot, one of the head honchos of this MC operation, has now dropped a new EP that he calls "four diverse tracks aimed to the club in a futuristic weirdo way." Bot's music has always been kind of out there, so the weirdo club appeal shouldn't necessarily be a surprise. But jeezus this shit is absolute fire and doesn't really sound like anyone else out there right now. "Scream 85" has some spicy hip-hop appeal. "Monky Man" is an explosion of raved up dancehall and tropical vibes. "Fribay," his collaboration with fellow Main Course general Astronomar, is a mindfuck of a journey into weirdo house. "Federjet" feels like the future of bouncy house music. There's tons of heatrock diversity here and it's free for a month. GO IN or get left behind.