There are two things that I love from Portugal: amazing barbecue chicken and Buraka Som Sistema. While I can ride my bike to get churrasco any day of the week, it's not everyday I get to hear a new free EP from one of the producers of this game changing group. Riot has already had a few solo releases on the Enchufada record label and a grip of remixes up on SoundCloud. Now steps even into the limelight with the double barrel shotgun that is Zouk Weapons Vol. 1.

In many ways zouk bass is a perfect fit for Riot. He got his start in the Portuguese drum & bass scene and if you listen to zouk bass, it's within the same range of bpm compatibility. These two songs take the zouk bass template to the next level with amazing sound design. The basslines here will rock your world and with a good global bass crowd you could have a serious party on your hands playing these. Grab this release for free on Bandcamp now or wait until May 5th when it goes on sale at all fine online music retailers.