2013 was the year that the twerk scene got heightened, and TWRK was a big part of that. 2014? Looks like that's the year where TWRK truly gets on their dean and shows you why they're the best at that sound. They already dropped a huge edit of Diplo & GTA's "Boy Oh Boy," and now we have their latest, a bubbly, vibrant take on "Muscle" from Low Pros and Juvenile. Perfect cut to apply their pressure to; I told you when "Muscle" dropped that that "work that muscle" line was perfect, didn't I? TWRK accented it, and made it so much more.

This was released by FADER, who also dropped off the A-Trak episode of their series with SONOS, "At Home With," which finds them chilling with A-Trak in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check that out above, and go ham to "Muscle" down below.