Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to release her upcoming as-yet-titled album this year, which includes surefire hits like "Same Girl," "Girls," and the French Montana-assisted "I Luh Ya Papi." This will be her eighth solo release in a career that spans over a decade and millions of albums sold, which pretty much establishes Lopez as one of the biggest pop stars of our generation. Still, Lopez is grateful for all the success that she's had. "It feels surreal. It feels crazy," she tells VladTV. "When you set out and you do your first album, you never think, 'Oh in so many years I'll be doing my tenth album.' You hope, but you don't know."

Watch the full clip above, where Lopez also talks about being the first person ever to have the No. 1 album (J.Lo) and No. 1 movie (The Wedding Planner) at the same time in 2001.

[via VladTV]

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