Are you a rapper? Is everything going your way? You're on the road to success, the pathway to paradise, the train to treasure? Congratulations, that's pretty great. But you know what's even cooler than success? Failure.

It's true, the latest thing is to fuck your rap career up so bad even Big Lurch looks up from under the jailhouse he's held in and wonders where you went wrong. But you've got a hit song, some local buzz, and the attention of the press. This gravy train is liable to just keep on rolling if you don't do something soon. The only question is, what?

Well, Complex is here to help. We've crafted ten surefire ways for you to make sure you get your very own Where Are They Now? special on VH1. Does that show still air? Let's hope not—we're trying to keep your exposure to a minimum.

So if you've ever wondered how to mess up a good thing, we're here to help. How To Self-Destruct Your Rap Career in ten easy steps.

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