This was the year that Twitter took over.

Gone were the days of anonymous internet. Everyone's gone from anonymous commentators to minor e-celebrity. Our "fifteen minutes of fame" has become an eternity of D-list fame. And it means if you say something stupid, offensive, or absurd, you might have to actually pay the consequences.

Now that our collective notoriety can spread well beyond our immediate social circles, we basically know exactly what it's like to be a rapper.* 2013 was a big year for terribly-terrible rap lyrics: Halfway through the year, we compiled the worst of the worst, including such corporation-offenders as Rick Ross' molly lyric and Lil Wayne's abhorrent Emmett Till line.

This time, we wanted to capture the awful lyrics that you secretly kinda love. The unforgettable rap lyrics you wish you could forget. The punchlines that are more likely to make you roll your eyes than be impressed.

WIthout further ado, these are the Best Worst Rap Lines of 2013.


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