If you're not going out, what better way to turn up than with a slick 40-minute footwork mix? DJ Tre, who helped ring in 2014 with a stellar mix, is back with a TEKLIFE-centric set, Representing a number of bits from himself, DJ Earl, DJ Manny, and DJ Rashad. He has a great way of layering these sample-heavy grooves with each other. Dude's just on it. Proper mix to zone out to on this chill Friday night. Shouts to Ashes57 for continuing this ill series.


1. Dj Rashad & Dj Spinn- Come On Girl
2. Dj Tre- Alright Daddy
3. Dj Rashad- Weak Azz Hoez
4. Dj Earl- Hit Tha Weed
5. Dj Rashad- Ghetto Tek Muzik
6. Dj Tre- Tha Fuck Around
7. Dj Rashad,Dj Spinn, Taso- World Star VIP
8. Dj Tre,Dj Rashad- We On one
9. Dj Rashad- Walk For Me
10. Dj Tre- My Elevation
11. Dj Earl- Groovin On Your Love
12. Dj Tre- Go Dafted
13. Dj Tre- M.J. Goin H.A.M
14. Dj Manny- Give It To Me Baby
15. Dj Manny- Baby
16. Dj Earl- Jazz Bitchhh !
17. Sonic D,Dj Tre- Let Me Tell You Somethin
18. Dj Tre- Six Million Ways
19. Dj Rashad- Muthafukin Bass
20. Dj Tre- Funky Vibes
21. Dj Tre- Gettin This Feelin
22. Dj Tre- Bout To Smash Em'