Scene from the movie: MC Gusto goes to jail
Real life examples: Lil Boosie claims he wrote 1,018 songs while in jail

When MC Gusto is sent to jail in CB4, he's put into general population, where he encounters the worst: autograph seekers and artists looking to audition their rhymes. But knowing that he'll have to pass the time somehow, MC Gusto gets to work, putting pen to pad—or rather, pen to toilet paper—and writing poetry. Reading from a roll of single-ply, he states, "Just because I had the cash, doesn't mean I killed his ass; I didn't do it. Just because the blood was in my hands, doesn't mean I stabbed the man; I didn't do it."

In 2014, celebrated Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie was set free after 52 months behind bars. When asked at a press conference celebrating his release whether he'd had any conjugal visits, Boosie replied that he visited with himself. When asked how many songs he'd written in jail, he stated, "1,018." When Complex went to press, there was no word on whether either situation with Booise involved toilet paper.