Earlier today, I shared what the DAD staff learned during Skrillex's /r/Music AMA yesterday, when we got a comment asking about "skrillex android and iphone app that has a 3 day countdown for something (an album?)." Wait, what "android and iphone app?" Skrillex didn't mention that, did he? Well, he did RT this, but what in the hell is it?

Alien Ride. #1 in the universe. Try me #canthaxthis #sus ##skills pic.twitter.com/qFg1UpoItb

— AREA 69 (@SusBoy911) March 8, 2014

Then we happened upon this Facebook status update:

A free app that's endorsed by Skrillex? Sure, why not. We load Alien Ride into our smartphones and... yeah, it's a game where you travel through space, shooting meteors and trying to rack up points. Awesome... but wait, what's this?

the countdown on @Skrillex's new Alien Ride app has begun! pic.twitter.com/dBo39IDhdO

— ConariumSounds (@ConariumSounds) March 8, 2014

Yeah, that's clearly a folder labeled "secret," and some kind of countdown attached to it. It had a big red lock on it, and if you tap the folder you get a message saying it can't be accessed right now. So you go back to "recess," playing more Alien Ride.

The question is, what the hell does all of this mean? Could this be Skrillex getting his Magna Carta Holy Grail on, giving away some kind of album or project via a smartphone app? We can't say. We can speculate - considering the amount of collaborations that have been rumored (and heard) over the last few months, coupled with his talk of putting out an album at some point, this could be the genius new wave of the EDM future.

Or maybe I've been drinking too much. I do tend to do that. In any case, I'll be trying to beat some of these high scores I'm seeing on Twitter while waiting for this timer to run out and hope that my phone doesn't explode... or something.

EDIT As per usual, reddit users might have cracked the case wide open on this one. From what the sleuths over on /r/skrillex found, the contents of this "secret" folder apparently include 11 tracks, along with order links for iTunes and Google Play stores. From the pictures (which you can see below), everything's locked tight, with no official track names or information listed, but one can assume that when the timer runs down (around 6:30PM EST on Monday, it seems), we should have at LEAST info on when an album is coming... right?