Recently we looked at things you might not have known about the Ultra Music Festival, including the volume of gatecrashing crimes that were rampant last year. I remember reading the CBS story last year and thinking "if only those tickets weren't so costly," but that doesn't excuse the ridiculousness and what happened to this security guard at Ultra last night.

The Miami New Times is reporting that sometime between 9:30 and 10:30PM, a 28-year-old female security guard was securing an area near the Intercontinental Hotel. Lt. Ignatius Carroll described what happened next as follows: "A mob of people came and started rushing the gate and started pushing it. She was doing what she was supposed to do, telling them to stop, when they pushed it down and it fell on top of her... They just trampled her.

"They saw an opportunity to try to get in without paying. There must have been a whole lot of people. We found her on the ground, screaming in pain."

We found a picture online that was taken at the scene, and with the fences lying on the ground, it looks like it must have been some push to get into the festival:


— •Ivette• (@Ivettelozz_) March 29, 2014

Word is that the security guard is said to be "fighting for her life" at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and apparently her condition worsened as she was being transported to the hospital. Unfortunately, this security guard wasn't the only person who took a ride to the hospital; reports are saying that 15 people were sent to the hospital, with 22 people being arrested on Friday night alone. A total of 51 reports were filed, and with this security guard in such critical condition, we're wondering how Ultra will be beefing up security for the rest of the festival, and how it will approach this in the coming years.

UPDATE The Miami Herald is reporting that Miami city leaders are being quoted as saying that they "should not have Ultra next year here." The Herald is reporting that the security guard's named Erica Mack, and that she's in critical but stable condition; she had severe brain hemorrhaging, a broken leg, and blood coming out of her ears. Mayor Tomas Regalado is saying that Ultra acted irresponsibly, and that the venue was not properly secured, especially after a request for additional, unclimbable fencing wasn't fulfilled. No one has been charged in Erica Mack's trampling, but police are looking for witnesses.

UPDATE Reports are that 33 people got arrested on Saturday night, and the Miami commissioner is looking to end Ultra in Miami. As of right now, Ultra hasn't made a statement, but will have one coming tomorrow.

DAD will keep you posted on any updates to this situation.

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