Evol Intent's Gigantor has been on a mission since last summer. In addition to touring (both as 1/3 of Evol intent and Computer Club), he's been consistent with his "Throwback Thursdays," remastering the collective's entire back catalog and re-releasing one a week for more than half a year. He's also knocking out new production that's set to roll out in the near future. Massive tunes with Concord Dawn and Noisia have come out as well.

To keep us interested as the finishing touches are put on all of his forthcoming projects, he's offering up a bootleg of Jackal's "Power Move," making the logical step to fill in the blanks on the original with drum & bass breaks. It's a powerful edit for the old school enthusiasts, and it's available for free download below.

But while you're here, you should also take this opportunity to check out the Evol Intent Throwback Thursday set on Soundcloud. It's got 33 tracks, and a cleaned copy of their 2008 release "Unexplained Sounds" featuring Demo that just went up today. Everything is downloadable, and is available right here.  It's a three-hour history lesson, and shouldn't be overlooked.

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