This right here is super fresh and simultaneously, incredibly interesting.  Dominique Young Unique's new single "Throw It Down", due to be released on April 20, has gotten a seriously wicked moombahton remix from Vato Gonzalez.  It's definitely not the first time he's ever ventured into moombah territory (see his "Rasclat Riddim" collab with Diplo), but typically Vato is in the 128BPM realm putting his own spin on banging house music.  The timing on this one is interesting though because DJ Fresh and Benga are on the production of the original and Fresh has a current top 5 UK moombahton hit song right now with Jay Fay in "Dibby Dibby Sound."  Is this the beginning of the mid-tempo ascent to the pop stratosphere some of us predicted two-three years ago?  That's a tough one to predict, but the fact that the impulse is this alive and well without all the bloated Internet hype is exceptional news.