Swedish producer Seba has been on point for years. Seriously. Not too many producers within the drum & bass scene can start off on LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records and say that, 15 years later, were both relevant enough to be aligned with everyone from Metalheadz to Hospital, but be able to take the bull by the horns and explore whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Seba's kind of in that mode right now, with the forthcoming release of his Mesmerism EP on his imprint Secret Operations on March 10. It's four tracks full of what he's always done, which is breathe life and soul into the (at times) highly mechanical dnb sound. Just check out the first cut on this mix he sorted out for DAD; he linked up with longtime collaborators Paradox and Robert Manos for the epic "Lie To Me," and finds a way weave that into some dubby, subverted riddims like it's nothing. And it rolls out like that for the majority of the mix; you get huge amen bangers like Digital's "Bitter Wind," which fall immediately into more calm tones like Seba's "Life Is." There's a grip of his own material on this set as well. All-in-all, for those of you who were wondering where the heart and soul of the drum & bass scene was, this would be a great place to start.

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1. Seba&paradox feat robert manos - Lie to me
2. Gremlinz, Rumbleton & The Untuchables - Apache - Samurai
3. Seba&paradox - Delusions
4. Digital - Bitter wind - Rupture
5. Seba - Life is - Secret operations
6. Seba - Mesmerism - Secret operations
7. Reza&Gremlinz - Thaw - 31 records
8. Seba - Scince fiction - Secret operations
9. Nether - Sunset dub - Cylon recordings
10. Seba&paradox feat robert manos - Because
11. Seba&Method one - done with this

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