Last May, the Internets got ROCKED via the freebie Animal album from Bro Safari and UFO!, which dropped around the time Random Access Memories did. I remember this because while the rest of the world was trying to decipher where Daft Punk fit in the grand EDM scheme, these two producers churned out one of the better releases of the year. And on the eve of releasing the deluxe version of Animal (which will have the full Animal album plus all of these remixes), these two decided to give away the remix project for free. Basically, you win then you can help them win.

This remix album is special, as it not only finds each of the album's 10 tracks getting the remix treatment, but there are also two bonus remixes. Featured remixers? Some of the best doing it right now, including Brillz, Valentino Khan, MUST DIE!, Jesse Slayter, Jay Fay, Gent & Jawns, Milo & Otis, and many more. You can check out a few of the remixes down below, as well as a quick mix and "chatterview" from last week. Great way to start your week, though.