What is Lil Wayne's home life like? This is a question that just about any Weezy fan has probably had at some point, but, despite all the hints that exist in Lil Wayne's lyrics, one that the New Orleans rapper has never fully answered. Just about any Wayne fan can probably cite a few facts about his weed-smoking habits or his favorite TV channel, but many key points remain. For instance: What type of deodorant does Lil Wayne use? How does he take his coffee in the morning? Why does he keep Gatorade in his fridge?

Anyone who's ever wondered any of these things will learn a lot from Lil Wayne's new vlog series, "Weezy Wednesdays," which the rapper is doing to promote his upcoming album, Tha Carter V, and because he "figured that I don't give the true Weezy fans enough of Weezy." The first episode, "Lil Wayne's Krib," dropped tonight, and all of the above questions are addressed. Lil Wayne gives viewers a tour of his house in New Orleans, a la MTV Cribs, except more focused on the mundane details. Among the things we learn:

  • Lil Wayne uses a Keurig coffee maker and likes his coffee with three spoonfuls of sugar. "So basically I don't have sugar in my coffee," he explains. "I have coffee with my sugar."
  • What a vlog is and that it might be boring (this is reiterated several times).
  • That Lil Wayne slept alone the night before he made this, and he did not make his bed.
  • What a vlog is.
  • Lil Wayne uses Purell. And Dial soap. And Degree deodorant. Except actually he doesn't really use these things, he just has staff members who stock his bathrooms with them. He doesn't know who puts these things there. He actually uses Secret deodorant ("that's my secret") and "Raw Afrikan Black Soap," which can only be found at a small shop in Miami.
  • What a vlog is (jumping into planes is promised, jumping out of planes is hinted at).
  • Lil Wayne packs his suitcase very neatly.
  • Also, he has literally no clothes in his closet.
  • No skeletons either, though, fortunately.
  • "Also, you've got to have a fridge in your bedroom."
  • Lil Wayne is used to having a fridge in his bedroom because he's stayed in so many hotels. He doesn't have water, but he does have Gatorade because "I'm pretty healthy. I stay hydrated, but honestly it's not for me. It's for the thirsty bitches."
  • Lil Wayne has a watch brand called Wize and Ope, and you can Google it.

Check out the video above to get Lil Wayne's perspectives on these topics and more. If you've ever wanted to hear a cockroach-themed version of "Marble Floors" sung by Lil Wayne (far better than it sounds, seriously), tune in. More Weezy Wednesdays are on the way on, well, Wednesday. Tha Carter V is due May 5.