There are many events in rap history that are either unknown or forgotten, from album releases to deaths to random ass events most of us can't even recall. As an attempt to remember those moments, Complex will share an event that helped shape hip-hop in a sometimes minor, sometimes major way. Join us as we look back on This Day in Rap History.

February 1, 1994

The Fugees, formerly known as The Tranzlator Crew, dropped their debut album Blunted On Reality on February 1, 1994. Although the album had hits like "Nappy Heads (Mona Lisa)" and "Vocab," it wasn't as widely acclaimed as the group's followup, The Score. Nevertheless, the world was introduced to what Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Michel Pras had to offer, and it's all been history since then. A long, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, history. 

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