Mixtape: The Boomin System
Producer: The Worlds Freshest

Last week we mentioned that Fiend can be a little too "grown and sexy" when he gets hella International Jones with it. The Fiend persona that I prefer is definitely Mr. WHOMP WHOMP and is the one he brings on this cut off The Worlds Freshest’s (formerly known as DJ Fresh) new tape, Boomin System.

Fresh has been grinding for a minute in the bay with his Tonight Show mixtape series, which if you don’t know about, you need to get learned on. He’s worked with a grip of people—hell, he’s done tapes with street/club dudes like D-Lo and Gully but then he’s also worked with indie artists like The Grouch of Living Legends, so yeah, he’s got some range. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a similarly diverse range of features on Boomin System. Song for song, you have no idea where each track is going. Fresh can bring them into his world, or he can go into theirs, so when you see a song with Fiend and Juvenile, who knows what’s going to happen. Turns out everyone kind of meets in the middle for this, but rather than sounding like a half-assed bullshit compromise, this track goes.

Fiend takes over the track with his gruff voice and outshines Juve. It’s not like Juve is doing a throw away verse, either, but Fiend brings so much it’s like trying to rhyme with Godzilla smashing everything around you, and you’re left trying to rebuild a verse out of the rubble. But to make shit worse, Fiend comes back to do one last verse just to stomp this shit out again. You can’t listen to this track quietly. You need to turn this shit all the way up to get the full effect: all the drama the beat is trying to build, and how hard Fiend is trying to tell you he handles his business.