Mixtape: Intervention: Episode 2
Producer: Rapid Ric

This is the second leak (the first was "Have Mercy") to be released from Trakksounds, Rapid Ric, and ThaFixx’s upcoming project, Intervention 2, which is suppose to drop early next month. Trakksounds and Ric are both Texas producers, while the ThaFixx is the team behind pushing the release. Rapid Ric is behind the boards on this joint, and builds his "lets get fucked up" theme around twinkles and fading lazers all over that warm Texas bass. This is definitely some shit to ride out too. Mookie does the hook and has a voice suited for it, in a style reminiscent of his pimpish tendencies from Playa Ass Nigga tape. He’s got that Texas tendency to go from singing to rapping with ease and make it work.

As for the three verses, Doughbeezy is the first and the highlight. Him and Mookie rep that new breed of Houston rap; Beezy has been flexing his talents on any track he can get on. If you’re looking for new Texas raps, he’s one of those names you want to look for. Paul Wall does Paul Wall although he doesn’t even really drop any ridiculous similes, but rather sticks to the vague "get loaded" storyline. Fortunately, Fiend stays more in his gruff Fiend persona instead of being SL Jones, which has a tendency to get to grown and sexy. He carries some melody in his delivery but then gives a little stress to the words to keep you from getting too comfortable in the pocket.

Over all though this is a dope blend of two eras of that Houston sound, fitting for driving on that 610 loop when you probably shouldn’t be driving.

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