Few things are as fun as getting the thirstiest of remixes and bootlegs. Any time a new artist pops with their debut album or an old star comes back with something, there's always a gaggle of tributes - some dreadful and some fitting. Fore anyone taking on a class act like OutKast, the task is no easy feet. Now as the duo prepares for a massive festival season return (including Coachella of course), we're not surprised to hear their hits re-imagined. Heck we've even heard rumors of some crazy live collaborative performances..

At any rate, today, a new track came to us via the depths of the interwebs and transmitted one funky message. Now the transmission cutoff before we could figure out who or what is just behind this but we do know one thing: they "MOVE LIKE MS. JACKSON"

"MOVES LIKE MS. JACKSON" is a new mysterious original featuring the sonic mixing and matching and crafting of four Outkast covers and a whole new deep house flavor. Shame we don't know who this is…hopefully they can send us another transmission soon. For now, we're just grooving.

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