Producer: Mouse On Tha Track
Mixtape: Unknown

Once upon a time in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, Mouse On Tha Track was the main producer/songwriter for Trill ENT.'s biggest hits: "Swerve," "Zoom," "Wipe Me Down" remix, and "Independent," and even scored himself a minor hit with "Watch My Shoes" as a member of the group 3 Deep. In the years since Lil Boosie's incarceration in 2009 caused Trill to splinter into different factions, Mouse has branched out as rapper with a handful of mixtapes and singles like "Rubbin' On My Head," "Bye Bitch," and "Get It Back," as well as outside production credits for Fiend, Rocko, Killa Kyleon, DB Tha General, and Juvenile.

The best way to describe Mouse's music is that he's either the producer/rapper auteur heir apparent to Mannie Fresh who can make damn near every line of his sound as catchy as a million dollar 2002 Nelly hook. Or he's a bizarro-world Juicy J mining New Orleans Bounce classics by DJ Jimi, pre-Ca$h Money Juvenile, and Lil' Slim to create his own bugged-out take on Louisiana strip club rap.

Last friday Mouse dropped a new loosie to celebrate Superbowl weekend called "Been A G Thang." It's his own personal Baton Rogue Bildungsroman which begins with him popping "fresh out the womb" in 1984 and ends with a good 10 seconds of Ratchet-style 4x4 claps and "HEY" vox stabs. This is fitting on all fronts because the song's bare-bared, open-spaced production is like Run D.M.C.'s "Jam Master Jay" as remixed by Mouse for the DJ Mustard era. It's a apt full-circle moment since, as Mustard himself admits, Baton Rogue gave birth to the whole concept of Ratchet in the first place.

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