Valentine's Day might not be until next week, but that doesn't mean we have to wait until next week to share some slow lovin'. Slow lovin', of course, referring to the lovestruck inducing mix that is the first chapter of Pelican Fly bossman DJ Slow's new monthly mix series,  "As The World Turns Slow."  The new mix series, which does not disappoint, has been touted for a bit on Slow's social media so we've been waiting with baited breath.  With cuts from the likes of NadusObey City, DJ Yolo Bear, Tina Turnup, MikeQ, DJ Sliink, DJ Hooboi, Trippy Turtle, and Sinjin Hawke, the result of the first installment is an intoxicating hour mix of sexy future bass, 'emo' auto-tuned southern rap and trap, and assorted forward-thinking club music.   Don't sleep on this mix at all.


Dinero Dinasty - Toni Braxton
Picard Bros - You Are My High Remix
Young Thug - Picture Baby
Obey City - Wait
Lido - Money
Oneohtrix Point Never - Chrome Country
Imami - Meat Grinder
Slick Rick Da Master - Video Clash
C.Z. - Stuck
Lucid - Heartagram
Dj Yolo Bear - Why U Playin ?
Cashmere Cat - Pearls
Marcx - OTL
Kay Drizz "The Club Princess" & Dj Tray - Pound Cake
Nadus - Nxwxrk
Mike Q & Sinjin Hawke - Thunder Scan
Byrell The Great - Qween's Antidote
Neana - Slow
Wolf In A Spacesuit - Wake The Shadow (Canblaster Remix)
Tina Turnup - Cater 2 U
Kay Drizz "The Club Princess" - Honest
Dj Tricks - Bound 2
Dj Sliink, Dj Hoodboi & Trippy Turtle - Sucka
Sea Floor - Missing You
Atlantis - Islands
Beat King - Cuffin (Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones Bootleg)
Samename - Nuriko
Dj Tricks featuring Mike Gip - Set It Off
James Ferraro - Rata
Coon Daddy & Dj Godfather - See U No Mo
Dj Paypal - You Got Me
Dj Nate - Love U In Slow Motion
Teeflii - Get Yo Eagle On