A new profile of Chief Keef in next week's issue of Billboard unveils a lot about the young rapper's recent time at Orange County, California rehab Wavelengths and his plans for the future. According to Keef, he's not proud of his latest material. "My last two mixtapes were mistakes," he told Billboard. "I was on promethazine, all drugged out. I was tweaking. I don't sip the lean no more though."

Read more excerpts from the article, which also reveals Keef is learning how to surf, below.

"A lot of times, I got pissed off at Keef," Peeda Pan, one of Keef's managers, tells Billboard while driving from Los Angeles to Wavelengths. He says the rapper blew off several high-profile opportunities surrounding "Finally Rich," including BET's "106 & Park' and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!' — but adds that he respects his client's autonomy. "He knows what he's doing a lot more than people give him credit for. He has control. People ask, ‘Why did he do that?' He knows why."

"It's like being locked up," Chief Keef, 18, tells Billboard, in his first interview since he entered rehab. "And when I'm locked up, I don't want anybody to come see me. I won't let my family come here. I haven't seen my 2-year-old daughter."

The Chicago rapper, born Keith Cozart, is staring out a large bay window in the wood-paneled upstairs den at Wavelengths Recovery, a private sober-living home at an undisclosed Orange County location. Keef's been here for the past two months, ever since a judge sentenced him to 90 days of rehab after he tested positive for marijuana in October while on probation for a gun charge. The sentence began at Promises, the Malibu detox of choice for A-listers like Britney Spears, until Keef got fed up. "I had to stay with 30 motherfuckers — and I don't like people," Keef says. "I ain't no friendly-ass ni—a. I won't shake your hand if I don't like you. Don't speak to me."

Read the full article hereBang 3 is slated for release March 3. 

[via Billboard]

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