Big exclusive today from the U.K.'s Castro whether you're up on him or just now getting introduced.  This percussion wizard can freak his funk in so many different ways it's pretty damn mind blowing.  I've always been a sucker for creative and fun drum work ever since I got into dance music forever ago and there's something about this kid that just simply works.  All of his tunes are incredibly playful but simultaneously complex on the percussion.  When he hit me with this new joint "Hold It Down," I knew we had to have it for DAD.  Not only because we do constantly hold it down for you all, the real story here is that this is a 100BPM masterpiece.  The funky swing alone should be enough to get you moving but the drum rolls, the bassoon(?) stabs for the bass line, the stellar use of the loop on the vocal sample, etc.  I have absolutely zero issues with this tune and I went and locked it down for you for FREE.  Start clicking will ya?