Oh, Gazzo. "You Don't Know" what you do with this remix. It is trap house at its finest, with a taste of electro swag in there. This track is quite a potpourri of the finest sounds in three different genres, and manages to pull it of so cleanly.

So fresh and so clean. With the vocal swerve of Big Sean and instrumentals to match, the chorus sung by Ellie Goulding backed by the slowed trappy chorus behind her beautiful voice, the first three-quarters of this track is just straight foreplay. It is amazing how Gazzo so perfectly matched the instrumentals in an elongated build-up, technically the essence of this track, to the vocal aspects of it. Big Sean is already so lyrical, and Gazzo's instrumentals make him straight melodic. Not to mention Miss Ellie Goulding. Not that I had to, but she is like Midas, EDM royalty, and anything she touches turns to gold.

That drop, though. He makes us wait long enough for it. Like until you can't really handle yourself anymore about to burst kind of waiting. It is worth the wait, because what comes is a drop that is trap and electro and house sex. Straight sex. And it comes two more times until the track fades out, and we are all left pretty satisfied.

Oh, Gazzo. You don't know what you do (in my sexy trap voice this time).