25-year-old artist Asher Monroe has largely played a behind-the-scenes role throughout his career, but he's looking to change that with his latest single "Memory." The electro-pop record includes Chris Brown, who Monroe has been working with as of late on his upcoming debut album. It sounds like a song that would be used in a commercial; it's catchy and safe, with just enough pizazz that you might remember the melody later in the day.

Interestingly enough, Asher Monroe's name is attached to Neuro, a brand of trendy water. The music video for "Memory," which is directed by Brown, includes product placement for the drink that's as clear as day. In between flashing lights and shots of models dancing around, bottles of Neuro DAILY pop up completely out of nowhere:

It should also be noted that Monroe was recently featured in the hilarious commercial to promote Neuro SLEEP, which also included Compton rapper Problem and celebrated actor Neil Patrick Harris. Next time you hear a song from Asher Monroe, don't be surprised if you're also being pitched a product besides his music.

[via MTV Buzzworthy]

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