We're in an interesting time when it comes to the trap/bass music scene right now. Back in 2012, not only was "trap" blowing up in the EDM scene, but due to Lunice and Hudson Mohawke's TNGHT project, it was breaking into the more critical realm (for good or ill). Both had their own storied sounds and catalogs before linking up, but the chemistry of their partnership was undeniable, with their self-titled five-track EP blowing the minds of dance music and hip-hop scenes the world over. With enigmatic live shows and infectious instrumentals, these two were sure to be the symbol for the progression (and fusion) of the hip-hop sound and the electronic music scene.

Then they went on hiatus.

The reason for going their separate ways was a smart one: they are both working on solo albums, and need to devote time to finish up those projects. We're not sure if they will ever link up again, but that's the beauty of the trap scene on the Internet: we have artists from around the world that can help fill that void. And today we wanted to shine the light on acts that share TNGHT's aesthetic. For the fans who love TNGHT but might not be too up on some of these deeper acts, here's a quick primer.