Action Bronson's Blue Chips 2 Tour has seen significant amounts of physicality within the last couple of weeks. There was the night where he threw a fan off stage in Seattle. Two days later, he was seen pushing a security guard who was trying to confiscate his blunt in Portland. During last night's show in Santa Ana, California, a midget jumped on stage. While it is unclear how the midget got on stage from the video footage available, it is quite clear how he exited:Bronson threw him back to the crowd.

However, within several minutes the midget made his way back onto the stage. An exasperated Bronson lifted him over his shoulder and slung him into the middle of the audience. This time, he gestured to the fans to send the man in the opposite direction, away from him. The Blue Chips 2 tour heads to Hawaii next.

[via XXL]

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