This past Saturday, Action Bronson took the stage at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle and performed a number of favorites from his catalog, including records from Blue Chips 2, Saaab Stories, as well his verse from Chance The Rapper's "NaNa." The raucous crowd fed off his energy, and even participated in several "Seahawks" chants at the request of Bronson, who wore a Marshawn Lynch jersey for a song or two before throwing the jersey into the crowd. 

Action Bronson ended his set by performing "Amadu Diablo," with Justin Nealis of Party Supplies joining him onstage to play guitar. While briefly leaving the stage for a minute, Bronson came back out for an encore, where he performed "The Symbol." Midway through his first verse, a fan ran up on the stage, and Action Bronson did what any professional rapper would do. He picked up the guy, and tossed him four rows into the crowd. There were murmurs after the show that the guy asked Bronson to throw him off the stage. Planned or not, it was still a ridiculously awesome moment that soon won't be forgotten in Seattle. 

Skip to around the 3:30 mark in the video above to witness Bronson throw down. A closer angle of the moment can be found below.

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