With the debut of Instagram Video last week, a lot of people have been talking about giving up on Vine. But don't do it! (Or, well, really, do whatever you want. Who are we to tell you how to live your life?) But if everybody quits Vine, if we all switch our allegiance and let Vine wither on the vine, the world will lose all of this hilarious comedy from Action Bronson. We first noticed his talents during his infamous Vine war with Mac Miller and ScHoolBoy Q. After watching him wear a garbage can lid on his head to make fun of ScHoolBoy's taste in bucket hats, we knew we had to creep back through all of his Vines to find the bountiful fruit that awaited us there.

Sure enough, he's got more jokes! The Queens rap hero is a prolific poster, taking the opportunity almost daily to talk to fans, talk to himself, or reenact scenes.... with himself.

Whether he's kickin' it in his kitchen or showing up unannounced at PartySupplies' door, Bronsolino makes Vine worth your time. Here are 20 of Action Bronson's Funniest Vines.

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