These two kids out of the Bay Area seem to know a thing or two about a thing or two about the trap. Who knows how or where they got their swagger, but it is back from wherever it came from. Gold chains, and gold teeth to boot.

All gold everything up in this AirBattle Bootle of A$AP Rocky's "Goldie." This track gives you something to bounce to, with the whirls of sirens and a slowed vocal track that makes you wanna lean back and ride. In slow motion, in a hoopty built for the likes of Dr. Dre or someone from the West Coast family. Maybe not so NorCal as these boys from AirBattle, but who knows what they're cooking up in the Bay Area these days.

The talents of these two go further than the likes of this trap bootleg, which you can download for free. Who knows where they got all this flavor and knowledge, cause they look like they aren't even over any legal age limits, but they are pretty conceptual and seem to know a thing or two about bass music. Their entire catalog is worth a listen, and if I were you I'd give it one or two.