Drake is a master strategist. Capping off a wildly successful 2013 which saw him win a Grammy, have Kanye West acknowledge him as a "Rap God," and take over the charts with his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, he set the stage for 2014 with a line off one of his end-of-year releases. On the "We Made It" freestyle, Drake put the world on notice: "OVO, Reps Up, and P. Reign is next up/Watch Gway go crazy."

This is not the first time Drake has referred to Galloway's P. Reign. On a 2009 song, "I'm Still Fly," he said, "My brother P. Reign knows we fuck with the same hoes/Plus he taught me how to spot an officer in plain clothes." Their relationship goes much deeper than that. Drake has been in Reign's corner throughout his career, taking him on the Away From Home tour across Canada in 2010 and helping him with his legal issues. 

Legal trouble has been an obstacle in P. Reign's rise for years now. He has been battling drug possession and weapons charges for over five years and while most of the cases have been dismissed, they've prevented him from crossing the border into America. He's still trying to work out his situation, even as he released songs like his A$AP Rocky-assisted "We Them Niggas" last year. At the very least, it has resulted in a unique journey to stardom and has set the stage for his aptly titled upcoming project, Dear America

We hooked up with P. Reign to talk about his early beginnings in the music industry, his relationship with Drake, and Dear America. With Drake declaring him next up, it's time to find out Who Is P. Reign?

As told to Dharmic X (@DharmicX)

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