Isaiah Rashad: “I went to Tennessee State University. For a minute, it was the the most credible school for Communications majors, so I went there. School is automatic to me, outside of math class it was easy. I had committed to a major but I was like, ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life.’ I didn’t want to do none of that shit.

"I was gonna go barber school. They told me it would only take 1,400 hours. That’s like a semester, I can do that shit. But I got shaky hands, I got electrocuted one time. A lot of stupid shit. I’m a series of unfortunate events.


Cops followed me for like three miles. He told me this going to f**k my school up. The cop was really taunting me.


“Then my great grandmother died. I was smoking with my girlfriend and I drove home because the funeral was the next morning. I stopped to get some Krystal—it’s like White Castle—and I got pulled over. Cops followed me for like three miles. He told me this going to fuck my school up. I’m like, ‘Damn, you had to tell me.’ I had a roach clip, he could of stomped in out. He ain’t even put me in the back of the car, the cop was really taunting me. They gave me a citation and I had to do community service and pay a gang of money. I had to go the jail for a minute. It was retarded shit.

“But that fucked my school up. I had to do community service. I had from like November to January to do it. I waited until like January to start doing it. Those ten days, I missed like 10 pivotal days in school. And it fucked my school up, too, because they saw it was some drug-related shit. I started getting like a whole bunch of emails about not coming on campus with this and that. They started, like, looking for me to do shit. I was getting profiled.

“Then I couldn’t get a job because of the way they described the shit on the docket. It was on my record and it made it hard for me to get a job. Right before I got signed was the first time I had a job in like a year almost. And I had a kid on the way, it was crazy.”