In Complex TV's latest episode of RiFF RAFF's series "RiFF RAFF REALM" the rapper shares a special moment with friend Andy Mylonakis as they decide on the name to call his kicks of the week. They're a pair of Kobe 8s, though RiFF and Andy brainstorm more creative ways to describe them. Later on RiFF RAFF talks to Meredith Montgomery on "Vine Time." Ms. Montgomery fashions herself an x-treme food fighter, and she explains to our esteemed host what it's like to really get down and dirty in the kitchen. RiFF RAFF ends the show in the "Funza Zone," where he talks about the proper way to take a vacation. "If you aren't feeling good, if you aren't looking good, then what else matters?" he states. Those right there are words of wisdom to live by.

Watch last week's episode of "RiFF RAFF REALM" below. RiFF RAFF's debut album NEON iCON is scheduled to be released January 28.






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