In Complex TV's fifth episode of "RiFF RAFF Realm" RiFF RAFF starts out the show by offering up his kicks of the week. And he does it in patriotic fashion. The rapper has a pair of G.I. Joe Jordans, which according to RAFF are worn by soldiers in Afghanistan. Later on "Vine Time" the rapper has a conversation with dance enthusiast Terrio. To be clear, it's an older version of Terrio who looks vastly similar to actor Simon Rex, but there's really no way to tell since he's aged 20 years. Terrio describes one of the dance moves he created during his era which quickly caught on in the streets and clubs alike. "What I did was I decided to create a dance move called the floor fuck," he says. "Basically what you do is you just get on the ground and have sexual innuendos with the linoleum." The episode is rounded out with RiFF RAFF breaking down the history of bling in the "Funza Zone."

Watch last week's episode of "RiFF RAFF REALM" below. RiFF RAFF's debut album NEON iCON will be released January 28.




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