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Candyland tore up 2013, and from the looks of things they do not plan on stopping. They are teaming up with Kill Paris for a tour entitled "Killer Fro," named in part for the big hair of one half of Candyland. Josie's fro kills, a proper representation for what this upcoming tour has in store for its audiences. In addition, the duo has just been granted a residency at the Marqee nightclub in Las Vegas.

To celebrate this news with their fans, Candlyland has made available their "OG Marquee Remix" of Lil Jon's, "Outta Your Mind." This track dances on the grave of trap music, bringing to life that which was left for dead. Similarly, Lil Jon's career has been revived through dance music, and his hype voice couldn't be more perfect for the massive sounds of Candyland. This track specifically shows the versatility of these two, who have previously made dubstep and electro house. Be you didn't know they could bring life to a dead or dying trap sound.

"Outta Your Mind," is as energetic as the live sets of these two DJs. The repeated voice of Lil Jon builds with the beat, and that drop. The track goes silent with the exception of dubbed vocals as horns scream with insanity for the duration of each drop. I'll take this as an indication of what we can expect from these guys in 2014. Lil Jon agrees with me when I predict a good year with a resonating, YEEAAAA!

And if you want, you can enter to win tickets to see Candlyland in Las Vegas at the Marquee.