This much seems clear: Justin Bieber does drugs. How often he does drugs and which drugs he does depends on much you believe TMZ. This morning, the gossip site alleged the following was found in Bieber's L.A. home during a police raid that stemmed from him... egging his neighbors' house:

  • 2 "large cookie jars filled with weed"
  • 3 bongs, one in the "TV room" and two in the kitchen
  • 4-5 "empty codeine bottles"
  • "styrofoam cups scattered throughout the house that had elaborate drawings on them"
  • "lots of 'swisher sweet' cigars"

Further, TMZ reports that Bieber's preferred drug is cough syrup, which he mixes pineapple Fanta. We hope he listens to a lot of Young Thug. And does a duet album with Future.

[via TMZ]

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