Justin Bieber's 2013 was both, perhaps, the best and worst year of his career. We learned about his proclivity for dubious to full-on worst behavior. (Dubious being the Anne Frank House guest book, worst being tagging up Rio de Janeiro after a few other questionable moves during his trip to Brazil.) But we also saw him blossom from his Timberlakean path into something even more R&B. And that material included collaborations with some of your favorite artists, including Chance The Rapper, Future, and R. Kelly.

Based on the Biebs' IG activity last night, more of that is to come this year. It looks like, from the above photo, we can expect work from him and Kid Cudi. And while the follow-up photo of Bieber posing in front of some of his graffiti work could support that 2014 will be just like the past year, it's a fuzzy flick of him with his ex Selena Gomez that is making us think that Bieber might be coming around. Beliebers a-plenty will theorize that this picture is old, doctored, or too dark to tell if it's real, but many in his comments seem to be thrilled with the Jelena reunion.

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