In Munchi's continued quest (pun intended) to break the Internet with his Selegna imprint, he linked up with DC resident Jon Kwest for something to satisfy the hip-hop heads swimming through this electronic dance world. They've each contributed three records for their Boom Bap Back EP, a release that only logs 15 minutes but will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

This hybrid style is something that we've heard from Kwest, an OG that quite honestly should have a way bigger following. He's one of the few to continue to push go-go drumwork, and we're smiling as Munchi adapts to another producer's style. Each artist brings their own flavor here, but it flows as a cohesive effort.

The real kicker here is that we warned you. While everyone scrambles this week to figure out why they haven't heard of Jon Kwest, I'm going to go ahead and flex as I remind all of you of his Do Androids mix from last month. It has less than 3,000 plays and every one of his records on this release landed on it. The Boom Bap Back EP is available for free download.