James Egbert is one philosophical mo fo. His album entitled The Void, is set to be existential as fuck as I gather from his posts on Facebook. Only in a world ruled by social media would an artist be able to use technology as a vehicle to seek out answers to life's biggest questions. We can sit right in our bedrooms and feel like we are atop a mountain with him, journeying the globe a part of this mission he has undertaken to fill what he sees as a serious void in today's music. We can just Google a bunch of shit and look at his pictures. We don't even need to leave our homes to share in this experience.

Yes, that is a tinge of sarcasm you detect. There are some things that the Internet simply cannot simulate. Egbert reminds us of this, using the internet to connect the world to his philosophies. He also used it to connect to other artists, announcing yesterday the winners of a remix contest for the recently released single from his forthcoming album.

"Exit Wounds" utilizes the crispy, slicing melodies consistent with electro music and features powerful vocals from Nina Sung. It is thought-provoking music at its finest, from his studio to your ears. James Egbert's original are a testament to his mind expansion efforts. Those efforts are broadened in the remixes put out by contest winner Kayzo, whose version of the original take this track von deeper.

Fresh off his remix of Flosstradamus's "Mosh Pit," the recent release of his remix of "Exit Wounds" is a completely different sound, proving him as an artist doing his part to fill 'the void' of versatility in today's industry. The drops are dirty as fuck, and the breakdown in the middle freezes time and space, momentarily silencing some of Egbert's voiced concerns.

At least momentarily. Obviously we have yet to find all of the answers to life's deepest questions, and therein lies the void. Thankfully, there are dudes like James Egbert making music that aims to fill it. The remix contest and Kayzo's dirty sounds in this version serve that aim.