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As we head into the new year, Chicago's Ibn Inglor stands out as an artist who probably deserved more attention in 2013. With the excellent, dark and weird-as-fuck project New Wave, as well as the obvious flair for unique visual images that he demonstrated in the video for the mixtape's first single, "Black Print," he's proven himself to be both fully rounded and aesthetically distinct. Fans of Yeezus and other stuff that walks the line between lyrical rap and jarring electronic soundscapes should find plenty to love in Ibn.

The latest video from New Wave, "Cold Storm," pushes him farther out in terms of weirdness. Directed by Andre Muir, it turns the rapper's face into an indistinct red blob and, well, that's pretty much it. It's cool and arresting nonetheless, and the song, which channels Pusha T-style ferocity over looming drone music and animal noises, sets a perfect eerie winter vibe with its hook about "riding on a bike in a cold storm." This is polar vortex music for real. Check out the video above.

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