Although the NeonPlurWave DJs flailing their arms can be entertaining at the right time and place, there's still something to be said for the old school DJ mix. A DJ mix isn't a jukebox or shuffle of Top 40 and oldies, but a platform for personal expressive articulation. Weaving sounds both familiar and new, the confluence of sounds together results in something different then the sum of it's parts. A DJ's art is pulling the pieces together to give the audience a new perspective. Perhaps a new perspective on the individual material showcased or on the DJ themselves, a DJ mix is connecting disparate dots to make fluid artistic statements - it's an art.

For Free n Losh, that art - the DJ mix - has been the missing piece - until now. With the beginning of a new year, Free n Losh has unleashed their first studio mix. Featuring a meticulously curated selection of tunes from their own catalog and their favorite artists including Big L, 2Pac, Lindsay Lowend, Wave Racer, Kanye West, Mr. Carmack, Bob Marley, and more, Free n Losh has tickled and delighted. With the arrival of #BreakfastinBed, Free n Losh has delivered not only the sweetest remedy to your new year blues, but an enticing invitation into their world. Dive in to this half hour mix and let your mind go...!


1. Free n Losh - Your Mother Should Know x Bob Marley - Exodus
2. Nervous Nellie - Gloves (Free n Losh Remix)
3. Gladys Knight - Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)
4. Nas ft. Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Stwo & Fitzroy Remix)
5. Lindsay Lowend - GT40 x 2pac - Old School
6. Madeon - Technicolor (Grandtheft Edit)
7. Wave Racer - Stoopid
8. Yahtzel - High With Me
9. Free n Losh - Things You Don't Understand VIP x Big L - MVP
10. Cashmere Cat - Aurora
11. NDread - About Your Love
12. Kanye West ft. Twista & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz
13. Cosmo's Midnight - Goodnight
14. Jeremih - Letter To The Fans