Detriot-based indie-pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (comprimised of members Daniel Zott and Josh Epstein) are gearing up for the release of their upcoming R&B-influenced mixtape Produce. Mixtapes aren't all that common in the indiesphere—although, most of what the group does would be considered a little left of the center—but the duo have brought along some guests from the rap world to synthesize the leap. The tape will include features from Murs, Quelle Chris, and Asher Roth, as well Chuck Inglish and Slim from 112, who both appear on the below track "Rush Into Love."

The song straddles the line between the band's synthy quirks and admiration for ’90s R&B. In fact, 112's classic output acted as inspiration for the project as a whole. Epstein said:

Before Nate Dogg passed away, I was listening to some of his old songs and thinking bout how incredible it is that he was able to sing such absurd lyrics and yet, always sound so cool. I started writing an album for his voice...
He passed away a month later, and I was instantly filled with regret. Not because I truly believed that we would make that album together, but because I wished I'd [be] able hear more of his voice. That became the inspiration to start the same project on a smaller scale: One song for one of our favorite artists, who's voice we wanted to hear more of.
The song "Rush Into Love" was written specifically for Slim from 112. It was written for his voice. That voice that had cooed the "Sky's The Limit" hook, and had sung the song ("Cupid") that I'd learned when I began teaching myself guitar.
While we were finishing our 2nd LP "The Speed Of Things", our mastering engineer—Colin Leonard—read an interview in which we had named Slim a dream collaborator. He was working on Slim's new record and played him our music.
We sent Slim the track and he sent it back a day later with that silky smooth vocal. It was perhaps, the happiest I've ever felt musically.
Later, we asked Chuck Inglish—whom we also admire greatly—if he wanted to do a verse and sent the track to him. He sent us his verse back and the whole song just felt right. We're grateful for having had the opportunity to work with such incredible artists, and are excited to share this song.