Peep this new remix from DFACE. We've been following this dude closely, as he has made deep and bass filled waves in the electronic scene with a ton of releases this past year. He is a little bit of dubstep, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of trap and roll. See what I did there?

There is no need to get caught up on genre or subgenre here. This guys makes all kinds of bass music, and his moombahton ain't too shabby either. Today, we bring you a remix of a rap track, "Alcoholic" by Chanel West Coast. DFACE changes up the tempo completely, but leaves the original flow of this song the way it was recorded. The melodies and vocals stay the same, but they are made different somehow. DFACE's methods of distortion and knack for creating something new come clean through in his version of this track, even though the speed pushes it along quite quickly. So pay attention, cause he's only gonna give you 3:20. After that, you'll just have to listen again.