Are you up on the latest and greatest? If not, don't worry, because Complex TV has got you covered with our new series the C-List. Whether it's music, sports or movies, we highlight everything you need to know in pop culture. The series is hosted by the lovely and talented Dariany Santana, who delivers a play-by-play on the biggest stories of today.

In this episode of the C-List, Dariany Santana counts down the 5 best guest verses of all time. The list includes some of rap's most heralded artists like Eminem, Nas, and Busta Rhymes. The main acts weren't too shabby, either. In the case of Eminem, the Detroit rapper swapped lines with Jay Z, who is universally regarded as one of the best MC's dead or alive. However, Eminem outshined Hov on "Renegade," something the Brooklyn native acknowledged on "A Star Is Born." Busta Rhymes went toe to toe with Q-Tip on "Scenario" and came out the victor. However, these guests verses don't hold a candle to who ended up taking the top spot. Watch the full clip above to find out who has the best guest verse of all time.

If you enjoyed this episode check out the 5 most slept-on rappers of all time on the C-List below.

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