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In this episode of the C-List, Dariany Santana counts down the 5 most slept-on rappers of all time. Whether because of timing or just plain bad luck, these MC's were never given their just due. Big Pun is a clear choice for this list, who passed at the untimely age of 28 in 2000. He released Capital Punishment in 1998, which many consider a classic for it's incredibly sharp lyricism from the Bronx MC. That was followed up with Yeeeah Baby, a solid sophomore effort that came out a few months after he died. Tragedy Khadafi also makes the cut, and with good reason. The Queensbridge-based rapper was instrumental in paving the way for other MC's from his borough like Nas and Capone-N-Noreaga. However, due to jail time and a closing window for fame, Khadafi missed his opportunity to make it big. Who's the most slept-on rapper of all time? Watch above to find out.

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