Electronic producer and all-around good guy Moby reviewed R. Kelly's new album Black Panties today for The Talkhouse, and it's an entertaining read to say the least.

The 48-year-old artist starts out the review by stating he's a fan of R. Kelly's past work, but the bloom of his affection for the R&B star quickly falls off the rose. Mainly because of Kelly's sexual virtue, or lack thereof. "On my second listen I found myself almost becoming numb to the endless and tourettes-y pussy tautologies," Moby says. "I'm not opposed to the occasional song about reproductive organs, but almost every song on Black Panties is about pussy. Or fame. Or pussy and fame. Or famous pussy."

Later on Moby compares Black Panties to the autobiography of Klaus Kinski, a famous German actor who went off the deep end before his death in 1991. "[All I Need Is Love: A Memoir is] a two-part tautology. Part one: sex. Part two: him wanting to kill Werner Herzog. And that's about it," he humorously states. "Every other page of Klaus Kinski's autobiography is some random and seemingly compulsive and vaguely joyless sex act. Just as almost every song on Black Panties is about random and seemingly compulsive sex."

Read the full review here.

[via The Talkhouse

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