Lupe Fiasco has released a music video for his latest single "Old School Love" featuring Ed Sheeran. It's directed by Coodie and Chike and finds the Chicago MC longing for days past in hip-hop. He name-drops a handful of notable ’80s artists, like Melle Mel and The Fat Boys, while delivering a nostalgic message about learning from those who paved the way for rappers like himself. The video blends light animation with footage of children playing in the street. It also includes guest Ed Sheeran, who takes a seat alongside Lupe on a couch while they watch the video on an old school television set, bringing the concept full circle.

Lupe is currently wrapping up his "Tetsuo and Youth Preview" tour, with an album of the same name scheduled for an early 2014 release. The project will include "Old School Love" as well as recent songs Lupe has performed on tour, "Drizzy's Law" and "Crack" featuring Chris Brown.

[via MTV]

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