Lil Durk released "52 Bars" last October, an introspective song that analyzes his time behind bars earlier in 2012. In April, Durk released "52 Bars Part 2," a Young Chop-produced banger that brought the Chicago native back into a personal zone as he broke down the successes and pitfalls he had experienced in his career since the original came out.

Yesterday, he released "52 Bars Part 3," a new chapter to the series. Once again, Durk gets personal, as he outlines all of his relationships in the music industry (from Meek Mill to the Coke Boyz to T.I.), but he also starts the song on a particularly aggressive note, calling out his enemies and those claim to be "drillers" but really aren't.

Durk is believed to have a new mixtape in the works called Fuckery. He is also working on his Def Jam debut album. Meanwhile, last night, Durk accompanied professional boxer Adrien Broner to the ring as they came out to his hit song "Dis Ain't What U Want." Unfortunately, the outcome of the fight was not what Broner wanted, as he lost in a decision to Marco Maidana, ending his undefeated streak.

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