French Express have proven themselves valiant knights since their inception in 2008, with Perseus at their helm and a templar of talented producers to match. They are self-proclaimed "protectors of the feel good," they make obvious their mission to spread music to the ears of every woman and man. There is a serious nobility in what these guys do, seeking nothing but the sanctity of those feels cherished deeply by all of us. Innocent bystanders so easily fall victim to venomous sounds, making bad music even more accessible. Thankfully there are those out there willing to take a stand. While not nearly plausible that so few may rid the world of all things not very feel good, the guys at French Express have taken quite a stand. There is no way to more eloquently word the launch of their latest campaign:

"Every quarter year, the crusade will open its gates to joust with the greats by inviting them to guest release on the label. to kick off the first of many, here is FE036: Lane 8 - HOW I FEEL ♞"

Lane 8 quite obviously can joust with the greats, as they serve to protect the feel good in their guest release on French Express. It seems there couldn't be a more appropriate kickoff to this first installment, as this track invokes euphoria with Nina Simone's soulful vocals and a melody that pumps happiness through your veins to a house beat that grooves. There is something so soothing about the low tones and resounding bass in this track, and you'll feel more like you're in a smokey jazz club in the '20s than a medieval joust.

That's just how I feel.

French Express has their own vibe, a very positive one, and this is how they feel. A superhero and protector of all that is good myself, how can I hate? I don't. I love. I can get behind this effort to protect the feel good. As a show of my service to the cause, I share this with you.

Go ahead. Grab some feels.