You ever been around someone who is just talking all kinds of ridiculous nonsense? The kind of stuff where you just have to ask: "dog, are you high?" Well, now you can just hit play on the title track to Douster's latest EP, Iz U High, which is due out on December 13 via No Brainer. If they are high, they'll just bounce to infectious melody... if they aren't, you might want to duck. The vibes don't stop there, with "Why Yo Shoe So Big" digging you even deeper into the rabbit hole. The final original on this, "Stone," takes things into a more intergalactic zone, with all kinds of bleeps and bips being thrown at that thumping kick. Round this out with "Iz U High" remixes from Curses and Night Drugs (who turns in a wicked 2-step rework) and you've got a banger. Stream the project down below and make sure you're grabbing it when it drops.